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At DATATRONiQ, it is our goal to deliver best in class insights into the operation of your valuable assets. Independent tools and methods working in isolation however, are not sufficient by themselves to acquire and process enough relevant data, let alone perform sophisticated analysis for information extraction. Therefore, we take a more holistic approach and combine best of breed hardware and software components into a very powerful and coherent – yet extensible – solution.

Learn more about our building blocks for a revolutionary end-to-end data management and analytics solution tailored to your industrial use-cases.


  • Small Business Edition
    Get started analyzing individual equipment
    Three sensor streams per Datatron
    Up to 15 Datatrons in total
    Overall equipment efficiency dashboard
    Manual root cause analysis support
  • Medium and Large Business Edition
    Unlimited sensor streams per Datatron
    Up to 250 Datatrons in total
    Network intrusion detection
    Automated root cause analysis
    Data export for offline analysis
    Standard connectors for your ERP and MES
  • Enterprise Edition
    Manage data analysis across plants
    No time and capacity limits for data retention
    Unlimited number of equipment and sensor streams
    Custom connectors for your ERP and MES
    ISO grade audit logging
    Multiple redundant data centers

How it works

Driving actionable insights from your equipment data is easy with DATATRONiQ. After we provide you with our plug'n'play digital enablement toolkit, you simply connect sensors to your equipment and start collecting and analyzing data immediately.
It was our goal to make the entire process as simple and quick as what you are used to when getting a new router from your telephone or cable provider.

In our dashboard, you are monitoring real-time data from all your machines and all sensor streams. We also compute a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep them up-to-date in real-time as well. For detailed reports and analyses you can choose arbitrary time ranges, e.g. day, week, month, year-to-date, etc., and compare those with the same time e.g. a week, month, year, etc. ago. Those results can be exported for further analysis or shared within the dashboard with interested personnel.

After enough data – usually a few days’ worth – has been collected, our fully automated and data-driven machine learning algorithms start detecting anomalous behavior and trigger custom events, such as messages or alerts, which can also be pushed back into your existing systems. Depending on how many sensor streams per machine you chose to collect, you will be able to perform comparisons between identical or similar type of equipment in order to start optimizing individual components.

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