Excellence in Industrial Intelligence

Digital transformation is moving at light speed.

The amount of content and data that is not corralled in manufacturing operations is staggering. Gartner estimates that, on average, 70% of the data generated in the production environment (either by the production processes directly or through audits and inspections) is never put to plausible use. In turn, organizations do not have a complete understanding of their processes or product content. This prevents targeted improvements and systemic adjustments to production processes, product designs and other continuous improvement efforts.

Rick Franzosa & Simon F. Jacobson, Gartner Group (2015)

Why DATATRONiQ outperforms other solutions

  • Plug'n'Play

    • managed availability
    • universal equipment access
    • instant data collection
    • seamless integration
    • legacy equipment compatibility
  • Scalability

    • unlimited data access points
    • unrestricted sensor streams
    • anywhere and anytime access
    • single or multi-site deployment
    • no user or device limits
    • big data readiness
  • Actionable Insights

    • real-time dashboard
    • role-based reporting
    • predictive analytics
    • proactive status monitoring
    • root cause analysis