• Real-time Dashboard.

    Built to monitor equipment efficiency and to measure process performance we deliver real-time visibility across all managed assets. Operational process complexity is simplified and unified by using intuitive metrics to establish a leaner, smarter and more efficient way to optimize manufacturing processes.

  • Big Data Platform.

    With the vision to make Big Data accessible and adoptable for the manufacturing industry we rely on cutting-edge Big Data technology that keeps your data pipelines running reliably.

  • Self-learning Analytics.

    Knowing that the key to producing smart actions in a data-driven world is automated model building we consequently equipped our technology with self-learning analytics.

  • Intrusion Detection.

    Equipped with embedded intrusion detection and prevention capabilities we monitor the inbound and outbound packets within industrial networks and trigger alarms if suspicious activity is detected. By monitoring the machine controller of production machines we check for irregular behavior of the machine itself.

  • Centralized Management Console.

    The Management Console unifies and manages all Datatrons that are connected to machinery and equipment along the production line. User access to DATATRONiQ's dashboard is managed by a flexible access control module providing role-based user management and access permissions.

  • Ubiquitous Access.

    Our solutions are accessible from any computer or device - anytime and anywhere. We manage any kind of updates and upgrades to assure that all users share the latest version of the application.